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The Classic Premium series of car covers are made of high quality fabrics and eco leather from a European manufacturer. This series combines the comfort and convenience of textiles in conjunction with eco-leather inserts that add elegance and style to your car. The covers of this series are characterized by durability, durability, practicality and safety thanks to the airbag system. Fully consistent with the shape of the car seats.

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Premium materials

Only high-quality premium materials are used for tailoring Dynamic car covers. This is J. H. Benecke's German BLASTIC and the original French DYNAMIC auto-cloth. Such fabrics are used in factories by leading car manufacturers - Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes


Durable and load-resistant, this material has been successfully used at European car factories and has the appropriate certificates. The side parts, the back and those parts of the covers, which are subject to the greatest wear, are sewn from bilastics. Thanks to bialastik, the interior of the car is easy to keep clean - it is enough to conduct a damp cleaning!

Dynamic fabric

The "working" parts are the center of the cushion and the backrest, the places which are in contact with the human body are made only from the original French DYNAMIC autofabric. The fabric is very nice to the touch, does not electrify, does not overheat in the heat, does not crack in the cold, and also repels water. To sit on it is much more comfortable than, for example, on leather or leather.

Clear seat seating

Due to the fact that for each model covers are sewn individually, they are perfectly "sit down", and the interior of the car will look like after a haul. We admit that MW-Brothers covers are not 100% seatbelt, but they replace it with 90% while remaining several times more affordable without losing quality.

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